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This is a fun game with a boy who looks like a fire flame and a little girl who looks like a water droplet. You are challenged with getting through a temple by using different light sources. There are different mazes that you have to navigate, some that have areas that don't seem to lead to another part of the maze. However, if you take your time and pay attention to your surroundings, then you can easily make it through the levels.

Keep in mind that Fireboy and Watergirl can't mix together because they will kill each other. As you navigate through all of the levels, you have to keep Fireboy out of the lakes of water and Watergirl out of the lava. Both of the characters have to stay out of the black lakes. If they get in these lakes, some that you can't see until you are right on top of them, then you have to start the level over. This game is called the Light Temple because you have to use beams of light on the sensors to open doors. It's a bit tricky to learn how to use the light beams, but if you direct them off of mirrors to the point where you want them to go, then you can easily point the beams at any location. This is the only way that you're going to be able to make it through the levels because it's the only way that you can open the doors.

Although the graphics in the game aren't superb, they are comical and fun to look at as you complete each level. The shading on each character brings them to life, such as the red, orange, and yellow hues on Fireboy. While you're playing, you can use a catapult to get to higher platforms and to soar through the air over the lakes. While you're getting through each level, you have to collect diamonds and other items that will then allow you to get updates to help you through the game. There is an option to play with another person, which is often the best scenario so that each person can direct the light beams off the mirrors in order to open and close doors and defeat the game. Watergirl is sometimes better at being in the lead because of her size and ability to get across the lakes.