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This is the third temple game in the series with Fireboy and Watergirl. Fireboy still looks like a flame, and Watergirl still looks like a drop of water. Both of them have fun facial expressions and characteristics, such as large eyes and smiles. A difference that you'll see in the Ice Temple game is that the entire level takes place on ice. It looks like a winter wonderland instead of a traditional temple. However, the ice makes the game fun to play because you can slide around in some areas instead of jumping and soaring through the air.

To move Fireboy and Watergirl through the temple, you have to use certain keys on the keyboard. As you use the keys to move the characters, you will get through the mazes of each level. When you progress through the game, the levels that you encounter become more challenging. Some of the icy slopes are steeper, making it difficult to move each character to get to the end of the maze. While you're playing, make sure that Fireboy doesn't get into any of the lakes of water. Fortunately, this is an ice temple. This means that Watergirl doesn't have as many chances to get near lava lakes. However, she can't freeze while she's moving through the game, so you have to make sure the ground isn't completely frozen by letting Fireboy go through the game ahead of her.

While you're playing, you'll see treasure chests, diamonds, and other items that will benefit your progress in the game. You can use some of these items to get boosters that will make you faster in the game and that will give you protection against the ice and things that you encounter that could mean starting over in the level. Fireboy easily slides across the ice because he can keep it slightly melted, but he isn't able to climb the ropes and the tall slopes as easily as Watergirl. She can easily grasp the ropes and other items available to get up the walls. This is where you can work as a team with another player in order to get through the levels. Many of the jewels that you have to collect are color-coded. Some of the lakes can be frozen with lasers so that both Fireboy and Watergirl can easily slide across to the other side.